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Visions of Bali... for your Asian luxury travel dreams

If you love seeing stunning luxury villas, if you appreciate informative insights into foreign cultures combined with professional travel photographs, this app is for you!

Bali's Finest Villas is an innovative - and FREE - iOS app (iPad and iPhone) designed to promote indulgent luxury travel to Bali. Each issue will be highly-interactive and will showcase a hand-picked selection of Bali's finest villas. Media types in the app will include extensive, high-resolution images, 360 VRs and HD video galleries.

Engaging articles, written by local Balinese and professional travel bloggers, provide detailed information about the people and culture of Bali. Each issue will also feature a dedicated image gallery of beautiful photos of life in Bali.

The app has been designed with rich social sharing features, allowing almost every page within the app to be easily shared with your friends on popular social sites like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Google+. Any viewer sharing content with their friends automatically qualifies for free downloads of 300 DPI, high-res versions of the images in the Bali gallery.

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