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An Innovative sales tool for the travel Industry

If you're committed to keeping your affluent clients informed of innovative sources of luxury travel information, and if you'd like some FREE advertising leading to additional high-end clients, this app is for you!

Bali's Finest Villas is an innovative - and FREE - iOS app (iPad and iPhone) designed to promote indulgent luxury travel to Bali. Each issue will be highly-interactive and will showcase a hand-picked selection of Bali's finest villas. Media types in the app will include extensive, high-resolution images, 360 VRs and high-definition video galleries, as well as engaging articles about the people and culture of Bali.

The benefits of this app...

• You'll collect commissions on villa bookings
• You're able to also sell airline tickets and tour packages
• You'll achieve a superior luxury branding for your services
• You'll receive detailed analytical reports on the impact on your sales

Interactive mobile apps are significantly more effective than print or online marketing efforts. Bali's Finest Villas will help you increase bookings for luxury travel to Bali... and it's FREE!

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